Discover the hidden culinary and cocktail gem of Oakland County, Victoria’s Bistro & Cocktail bar, here in Oxford Michigan!

Experience the joy of dining & drinking at Victoria’s

The number one question our guests at  Stag’s Leap Farm Bed & Breakfast ask is, “where do you recommend we go for dinner?”  Since we opened, Victoria’s Bistro & Cocktail Bar has always been our #1 recommendation.

Oxford, Oakland County, Stag's Leap Farm PartnerIf Victoria’s Bistro is familiar to you, the reasons why they are number one is no secret.  Whether you are planning a special romantic evening, or simply wish to share a drink with good friends, Victoria’s never fails to fit the bill perfectly.

For those who haven’t yet heard of Victoria’s Bistro & Cocktail Bar, this cozy establishment transports you to an authentic European dining experience the second you enter their door.  The ambiance is intimate, cozy, and something special – a true feast for the senses –  with a delectable aroma, conversation and laughter of guests, and smiles from their welcoming staff. No large TV’s or loud music will distract you from the good company here.

Oxford, Oakland County, Stag's Leap Farm PartnerThe menu at Victoria’s Bistro is a culinary journey with plenty of European and Italian influence. However, we do encourage everyone to consider their daily specials first, for they are truly “special.”  Each day, Victoria’s prepares a unique offering that is execptional, without being overly priced.  This is probably why so many of us who appreciate great food never tire of returning again and again for a “first time” experience.

Oxford Michigan, Oakland County, Stag's Leap Farm Partner

Some background is fun to share, as Victoria Connelly is the magic behind this gem of a restaurant. Opening in 1997, her dream to share her love of food become a reality.  For us in Oxford, that dream became ours to embrace, and an honor to call our own.  Taking things to the next level is in her DNA, evidenced by her annual foraging to the best resturants of Europe to bring back new tastes and experiences for us to enjoy.

At Stag’s Leap Farm Bed & Breakfast, we couldn’t be more proud to call Victoria’s Bistro & Cocktail Bar our partner and friend.  As we both have our niche clientele, our shared value of quality and presentation is a joy to promote.  And though Victoria’s does not take reservations from the public, guests here at Stag’s Leap are able to enjoy VIP seating at Victoria’s by request when booking with us in advance, ensuring your special evening is perfect.

Oxford Michigan, Oakland County, Stag's Leap Farm PartnerNow you would be cheated if we didn’t mention our favorite aspect of Victoria’s Bistro & Cocktail Bar, which are their gifted bartenders: Sophia & Joel!  We don’t know how they do it, but they have made Victoria’s Delights the best bar in the county as well as the best restaurant!  Whether we order our favorites or a holiday special cocktail, our paletts tell us we have been captured again.  This is why Stag’s Leap also offers private transportation, when requested in advance, as you won’t be able to resist ordering more than one of their delicious and beautiful cocktails.

But don’t take our word for it.  Victoria’s Bistro has been voted #1 mulitiple times in the area, and you simply owe it to yourself and someone special to experience the joy of dining and drinking at Victoria’s.  Grab the chance now while openings are still available, and book with us for our Splendid Sunday weekend January 13-14, to enjoy Victoria’s Bistro’s exclusive Winter Wine Dinner while staying with your friends at Stag’s Leap Farm Bed & Breakfast!  Receive a special discounted rate when booking both nights with us.

Oxford, Oakland County, Stag's Leap Farm Partner

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