Saddle Up & Enjoy an Afternoon of Horseback Riding

Book a couples ride with Matador Farm just South of Beautiful Metamora

Stag’s Leap Farm Bed & Breakfast is delighted to be partnering with Matador Farm, just south of Metamora, to offer our guests an exclusive experience of horseback riding with a guided tour through their pastures and trails. The small town of Metamora is a vibrant equestrian community with a rich history and reputation as a haven for horse lovers.

Oxford, Matador Farm, Stag's Leap Farm PartnerNo prior horse backriding experience is necessary to enjoy the natural beauty of the area’s rolling hills on horseback.  Matador Farm has just the horse for you, gentle, patient, and trained by the experienced staff there.  Their trainers know each horse well, and will match your experience to select the best equestrian guide for your ride.

Couples will enjoy a part of Metamora’s equestrian heritage, which can be traced back to the late 1800s.  As the auto industry boomed in Detroit, fox hunting clubs formed in the early 1900’s purchased land in Metamora.  In 1928 the Metamora Hunt Club was formed and  Equestrian events, such as horse racing and pulling competitions, drew crowds and added to the town’s vibrant atmosphere.

Oxford, Matador Farm, Stag's Leap Farm PartnerThe Matador Farm equestrian events season begins June 8th, with Hunter/Jumper and Dressage competitions through October at Rattlewood Farm in Oxford.  As an official sponsor, a portion of your stay at Stag’s Leap goes towards their wonderful programs.  Make sure you mention Matador Farm when booking with us on event weekends.

Metamora, White Horse Inn, Stags Leap PartnersDuring our visit, experience Metamora’s charm by visiting The General Store and the well-known White Horse Inn restaurant, which both cater to horse enthusiasts. The community’s shared love for horses creates a strong bond and sense of community among residents and visitors alike.

Metamora and Matador Farm celebrate the special bond between humans and horses. Whether you’re an avid rider, an occassional horseback rider, or simply appreciate the equestrian lifestyle, a visit to Metamora with a Horseback Ride (“Hacking”) at Matador is sure to leave a lasting memory for you.

Plan a get-away at Stag’s Leap Farm to immerse yourself in the beauty of this area and connect with nature on horseback this summer.  The expert guides and staff from Matador Farm will not only ensure a trusted guide for your horseback riding, they will lead your soul into an experience of restoration and connection to the heart of Horse Country.  Trail Riding slots are limited on availability, so don’t hesitate to call and book with us at Stag’s Leap Farm.  It’s time to Saddle Up!

Matador Farm, Oxford, Stags Leap Farm Partner

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